Keep Your Emails Fresh & Deliverable

Even with a sound and tested planning of writing your business emails and sending it to the target audience, you may find your email landing as spam or in the junk folder. A very common reason for this can be your prospect ids are either old or invalid. Therefore, having your contact database updated and cleaned regularly is imperative. Don’t let dirty data slow down your marketing.

Statistics reveal that more than 26% of the stored data decays each year. Make sure you don't have a bounce rate higher than 10-12% as you are wasting a lot of your efforts otherwise. Even if 1% of the data is old, you run the risk of your emails bouncing by 10%.

According to the figures mentioned, it is important to have email verification and validation done on your existing database. You run the risk of a high negative impression if your bounce rate runs high. You may even end up getting blocked by some of the potent prospects because of corrupt data. To have a seamless execution of your email campaigns, try our solution that offers:

  • A huge team of experts in email verification and validation who will check thoroughly even the most complicated databases and serve reliable and valid data..
  • Correcting even the most common typos, domain and syntax errors to minimize bounce rates.

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